The perks of having a Travel Buddy


Solo travelling has taken off like never before. Nowadays both men and women are jetting off in pursuit of solo travel adventures oppose to bunching together in a group. It is the new in thing and by the looks of social media, this is a trend that is most definitely here to stay.

I am all here for it, even though I am yet to jet off solo. Yes, if you did not know, I am a solo travel virgin. I know I know I need to get out there and just do it. But there are so many great reasons attached to having a travel buddy that I am yet to jet off on my own. Before you start to tell me all the reasons WHY I should travel solo. Let me tell you about the perks that come with having a Travel buddy.


  1. Two heads are always better than one

It is no secret that by yourself you are a movement. But like the saying goes you are more of a force when there are two of you together. I most definitely agree because when my travel buddy and I put our superpowers together it’s lit. I do not know what I would do if I did not have a travel buddy, because they are literally the brains behind the operations.

When it comes to finding the best place to stay, planning the itinerary and navigating around it definitely helps to have another person on board to help you figure things out. Together you both have different strengths that help you to bounce off each other. I assure you that you can never go wrong with having more brain power when you travel.


Slaying & Sightseeing in Barcelona – August 2018

  1. The bomb ass pictures

In Rome earlier this year I nearly got kicked out of St Peters Basilica at Vatican city, lol. I was doing the absolute most, sprawled out on the antique floors trying to capture those money shots for Tiffany. Looking back now, that was totally inappropriate but hey I did what I had to do to get the best picture.

Now I know most solo travellers use a tripod to capture their pictures, but nothing can compare to the fun you both will have during those mini photo-shoots. Not to mention all of the lovely pictures that you two will get to add to your memory collection. It definitely beats relying on the photography skills of complete strangers who just don’t know your angles.


Ziplining at Diamonte Eco Park – Costa Rica 2017

  1. Cost-effective

Jetting off with your travel buddy will most certainly save you some coins boo. It is no secret that when you divide the costs between two people, things work out slightly cheaper. Whether it is for a double room in a hotel or an entire Air BnB apartment, booking with a travel buddy will bring those costs down. In Costa Rica, Aaliyah’s and I saved much more money booking our excursions as a pair. Splitting travel expenses for things like transport and food help a great deal.   But don’t shoot the messenger, grab a buddy, book a trip and see for yourself.


Playas De Coco – Costa Rica 2017

  1. Loneliness is impossible

I love my own company, I just also happen to love being in the company of someone else when I travel. I personally find it to be very comforting. I love being able to turn around at any time to strike up a quick conversation, catch some joke or just have a random moment. There also is this sense of safety and security between you and them. It feels good just knowing that you have a familiar face who is close by.


All smiles at Trevi Fountain – Rome 2018

  1. Creating memories

The amounts of memories that I have created with my travel buddies over the years all hold a little special place in my heart. Memories do not live like people do, as they are powerful and most importantly they live on forever. There is nothing like doing something amazing on holiday and having someone there to experience that with. I find it hard to imagine what some of my past travel experiences would have been like if I did not have my travel buddy sharing it with me. There are some memories in life that are supposed to be experienced with others and travelling is definitely one of them.


Snapchatting before seeing Drake – Berlin 2017

  1. Stronger friendship

Spending a significant amount of time with someone will make, break or strengthen the relationship. In my experience, most of my relationships have flourished for the better. Whilst travelling you really get the chance to learn much more about the other person and discover things about them that you probably never knew. The time you spend together will most definitely change the way you see each other, ultimately creating a deeper bond. Worst case scenario the relationship could be completely ruined but hopefully, it does not comes down to that lol.


Having fun in Kiko – Miami 2016

For me, a Travel buddy is just as good as having a romantic partner and in my experience, they have been better for me than my ex-partners. Don’t believe me? read my post break up travel series. I can definitely say that I have been able to enjoy the perks of travelling in a pair and I plan to do more of thee trips come 2019. Some of my best moments within the last two years have happened with my travel buddies.

With everything in life come the pros and the cons. The pros of a Travel buddy will always outweigh the cons by a long shot. I am not a major fan of large travel groups but I will always be down to jet off on a new adventure with a plus one. All of the travels buddies that I have had over the last few years are unique in their own way and they all bring something different to the table.

Once there is a level of respect, understanding, love and strong communication between the both of you, the travels will most definitely be LIT. Travelling in a pair has been such a positive experience for me and with each new travel adventure, it just gets better and better. I am yet to have a dodgy experience and I pray that I never EVER have to, lol

I sure hope I have done a good job of convincing you to consider getting yourself a travel buddy. If you need some tips on how to choose one let me know and I will post my 10 traits of a good Travel Buddy.

Anyway enough about me, I want to hear from you, my #JWVreaders. Have you travelled with a buddy before? if so was it a good or bad experience? Tell me everything in the comments below or hit me up on Twitter @Jennasworldview


Stay Blessed

Lots of Love



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53 thoughts on “The perks of having a Travel Buddy

  1. This is what I need in my life, a travel buddy. Solo travel will always be bomb but I think it would be so fun to have a friend to see the world with! Plus, traveling with someone makes it a little easier. When you travel solo you don’t have anyone to hold things or watch things, no one to crack jokes with…no one to trick into buying stuff for you!!!

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  2. I’m sure there are all kinds of reasons why solo travelling is empowering etc but I feel that its so much more powerful to share the experience with someone. 20 years later “Hey do you remember when we went to…”

    This was a great read, thanks for sharing x

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  3. Love your pictures! Sounds like you had an amazing time travelling and saved some pennies! I usually go travelling with my partner and we always have a blast! I just wish he’d take more outfit pictures for me 😂

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  4. I loved this post and could relate to so much of it! My cousin/sister has been my travel buddy for a number of trips. There are trips we went on over 10 years ago, where if a say a code word, memories are triggered. Next thing we’ll both be rolling around, wetting ourselves laughing! 😂

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  5. As someone who has travelled solo, with my wife, and alone with my daughter, I still can’t decide which is better. Loneliness is an issue when solo and that where a buddy comes in. I love travelling with my wife but sometimes we want to kill each other. You seem to have found the perfect travel buddy so well done

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  6. I haven’t travelled solo before either. It makes me nervous lol but I will travel with my good friend that loves to travel plus we do save a lot of money by splitting up the expenses. I need to get me an official travel buddy .


  7. Definitely agree with those 6 reasons. Plus I would be kind of scared/nervous to travel alone, not to be alone but just in case of anything happens you have no one else with you yknow????

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  8. There is so much talk about solo travelling, but I really do like my boyfriend as my travel partner. I take over the planning, he is amazing with orientation. We get to try a lot more things together and it always brings us closer. Plus you get to share everything amazing going on a trip with someone there and them.

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  9. Gosh, every time I read your blog post I’m ready to just give it all up and travel with my friends RIGHT NOW😩 Girl your blog is inspirational, motivational, and beautiful! Thank you for the content you create. It’s so vibrant and warm! I can’t stop reading and looking and stunning photos.. I’m sorry that Vatican City was ready for your slay! Great post!

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  10. I love having a travel buddy and I agree with all your points. I too am yet to travel solo! Well I’ve done a weekend away in Liverpool by myself, but I’m not sure that counts lol. Even then though, I’d have definitely loved to have experienced it with one of my besties!!

    Lucia xx

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  11. I did both solo and pair/group travel and… I can’t choose! Both bring you something very different!
    I loved the solo travel as you can choose your own itinerary, challenge yourself, decide when and where to eat, do a break or go sleep, etc.
    But travel in pair is just soooo much fun, you get awesome pictures like you said and a looooot of laughing! Just loved it!
    I generally travel with my boyfriend now though, and I love it 😀



  12. Totally agree! I have never traveled along except maybe to the initial destination and met up with people there. My travel buddy is my husband, so cost is the same but the sense of security is big for me. He is also the more outgoing of the two of us, so he helps us meet new people during our travels!


  13. Such a great post! I’ve read many posts about the benefits of traveling solo but not one about traveling with your friends! I need to get myself a travel buddy ASAP! xx


  14. I totally agree with you! As much as I’d love to travel on my own one day, I always go travelling with my best friend and it’s just the best. Having someone to share the memories with has no price. + it makes it all so much more fun! To be able to travel alone you need to have real mad social skills, and I haven’t accomplished that yet haha.


  15. As a long time vagabond myself i admire traveling with others, or having a travel buddy haha. Much like you i haven’t dared to travel solo abroad, i admire having a travel-buddy because it does come with it’s perks. One being the sense of security, the other? How much fun you’ll have together. Nice list.


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