The Poison of Comparison


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Be careful not to get yourself caught up in comparing yourself to others. I know that this is easier said than done because most of us spend our time scrolling through social media. We are bombarded with the lives of others on a daily basis and it has become the new normal. The snapshots we see of other peoples lives can sometimes make us feel some type of way about our own. Everyone has compared themselves to others at some point in their life.

Most of us know that comparing yourself to others is not healthy, but from time to time we do indulge in it. It might start off small at first and you probably won’t notice that you are doing it and then suddenly it becomes a bad habit that you simply just can’t kick. It can lead to you developing negative feelings towards yourself and this can be very harmful.


Comparing yourself to others is a deadly practice that will most likely leave you unmotivated, envious and upset. Abort mission immediately because all these kinds of feelings are just not worth the hassle.  Everyone in life is running their own race, at their own pace and on their own time. Try your best not to get caught up in watching others because it will prevent you navigating in your own lane. You can’t possibly live your best life if your eyes are peeled elsewhere.

When you come to understand the importance of time and the seasons of life, you will never compare yourself to another person again. Everyone’s walk on the earth is different. No two roads travelled will ever be the same and the quicker you realise this the better. It is ok to be inspired by others, just do not go as far as comparing yourself to them. The blogging world is amazing, with so many great bloggers out there doing great things that I would love to do. If I started comparing myself to them then you probably would not be reading this blog. I have come to know and accept that my life as well as my journey, is unique to me.

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The poison of comparison will ultimately affect your happiness, the way you see yourself and how you live your life. It does you no favours whatsoever, so please I kindly ask of you to stop indulging in this kind of behaviour immediately. It is totally not worth it Boo. Do not compare yourself to people on the internet and don’t you dare compare yourself to anyone you know in real life.

If you are looking at others peoples life and wondering why you do not have what they have or why you are not where they are, you are heading in dangerous territory. Comparing yourself to others will only damage the way you see yourself, your life and your blessings.

I know that this is not an easy thing to do, so if you find yourself sipping the poison of comparison again try to remember the following gems:

  1. Stay in your lane.
  2. If you are not happy, take those necessary steps to make changes.
  3. Do not beat yourself up because everyone is running their own race.
  4. The internet is a snapshot of highlights and that is all it will ever be
  5. Today for you, tomorrow for someone else
  6. Your time will come
  7. Do you
  8. Love you
  9. Focus on you


Stay blessed

Lots of Love



49 thoughts on “The Poison of Comparison

  1. I’ve definitely been guilty of this before but I find now I’m older I’m aware more than ever that others’ journeys and destinations are very difficult to mine and nobody is perfect. Great advice and a refreshing approach to how to tackle it


  2. Brilliant post lovely! I’m forever comparing myself to other people, and it always causes me to feel unhappy about myself of my life. Loving the 9 points you listed; I’m going to write them in the beginning of my new notebook and look at them whenever I catch myself comparing myself 🙂 xxx

    Jade |

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  3. You are right, what is shared on social media are just highlights of someones day/life and we shouldn’t take it at face value. I agree it’s important for us to take a step back and reevaluate our lives if we want to change. Great post, everyone needs to read this 🙂

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    • Most definitley, it isso easy to get caught up especially on the socials. You really have to unplugg and focus on you and your life. It will do you a world of good.

      Thank you so much for reading, I appreciate it.

      Jenna – xox


  4. When i first started blogging I compare myself so much to others especially when it came to my writing. I realize that everyone writing skills is different and then I stopped comparing and that’s when I go my confidence in my work.

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    • Hey Arie

      Thank you for reading 📖
      It is easy to compare yourself to others in the blogging world m, we have all been there.
      Do you, focus on your writing skills and you will see improvements. When I first start blogging, I was exactly the same. I am not where I was 7 months ago.
      You wont be in the same place 7months from now
      Keep writing, keep growing and don’t compare yourself to anyone!!

      Jenna xoxo


  5. This post was needed!!!! I’m definitely guilty of doing this. I look at my stats and other people when they say how far they’ve come and I feel like I’m doing something wrong. I had to realize though that everyone goes through their journey at their own pace so I shouldn’t be so hard on myself.

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  6. Amazing post! I love your little “things to remember” at the end, I may have to screen shot that and keep it on my phone. I’m awful for comparing every aspect of my life to literally everyone else even though I know deep down it’s irrelevant and there ARE no comparisons.

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  7. Great post I learned very early in my life never to compare life because you don’t how they got to where they are. Whether it is through fair or foul. We all need to take that small step for a much more full filling life.

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  8. I needed to see this. Comparing myself to others is one of my weaknesses. I’m trying my hardest to work on that. I limited my time on social media because I often felt bad after viewing certain profiles.


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  9. Love this post! So true. If we focus on discontentment, what we don’t have, where we aren’t yet it’ll constantly eat away at us. Causing stress, anxiety, and we will miss all of the good around us as we wait for our own seasons of change. Great reminder!

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  10. Hey Jenna. This is brilliant. I think that so many people are looking to improve their situation. We all want to live our best lives (deep down we really do) but then other things kick in – Fear, envy, greed. All good emotions in limited emotions but social media and in fact the news media arc these up in to a fog that makes you unable to recognise your ‘true self’. so i love your tips and the first one is a gold. stay in your own lane. Thankyou for writing this. GOLD!


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  11. Social Media plays a huge role in inducing these feelings. I have just returned after a year and a half hiatus, for this very reason.
    Apps like Instagram and Snapchat can heighten feelings of insecurity and self- doubt. In today’s society, individuals feel pressured to attain certain things or be at a certain level in life even if they don’t have the means to do so realistically. This pressure comes from what society deems as ‘successful’/’the in thing’ which changes every so often.

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  12. Brilliant post and so true! I’m so guilty of comparing myself to others, even though I know damn straight that it isn’t at all healthy. It’s something that I’ve really tried to overcome this past year. It’s definitely a learning curve though! It’s likely to be something that I’ll never completely shake off but I intend to keep trying! Xx

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  13. This is a great post! I love point two about taking the steps to make changes. This is something I’m trying currently and it’s working great so far. If I feel low about my accomplishments, I will pour that energy into taking the steps to achieve it. It gives me a sense of power knowing I can change my situation

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