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My name is Jenna, I live in London, but my heritage is Guyanese and Jamaican. I was raised In Brixton, a vibrant multi-cultural community within the heart of South London. Growing up I always had a burning desire to live and work abroad. Although that has not happened yet, the desire is still there. In the meantime, I travel as much as I can, doing my best to navigate my way through this thing we call life.

When I travel something positive always happens and it has a domino effect on my personal life. In the past,  I have found peace whilst paddling my feet at the shores of a black sand beach in Santorini. I gained confidence whilst horseback riding for the first time in a rainforest in Costa Rica. Travelling and seeing different parts of the world have helped to strengthen my character as a young woman. I used to go on holidays as a way of running away from my problems. Yet in the process of running, I discovered more about myself and I have been evolving ever since.

On JennasWorldView I plan to share both my past and upcoming travel experiences. I will discuss everything from flights, hotels, to the top ten things to do in a country or even revealing my favourite travel tips. The Lifestyle aspect of #JennasWorldView will cover different elements of my personal life.  I will be sharing things about my interests, faith, social life, relationships and all that jazz, I plan to give you the tea of my view of the world.


I hope to encourage, edify and inspire others through my travel and life experiences.

#JennasWorldView aims to grow and deliver meaningful content with Purpose so please stay tuned, follow the Instagram  @JennasWorldView, subscribe & spread the word.

Before I forget, all views and opinions expressed throughout my blog are my own. Images used are a mixture of my personal images as well as third party content.

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