Be about that Self-Care life in 2019

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Hey Boo

Welcome back to ’The SELF series’ I hope you have already started to put in place the things we spoke in Part 1 3 Ways to Practice Self-Love in 2019

I truly believe that once you get to grips with the Self-love thing you can start to get yourself well acquainted with Self-care. In my mind, the two go hand in hand, although it is possible to indulge in one much more than the other. Regardless of how you choose to get it in, Self-care should be a major component in our everyday lives.

S E L F – C A R E

the practice of taking an active role in protecting one’s own well-being, health and happiness.

Self care tips

When it comes down to Self-care I will always encourage others to do what is best for them. What I might define as Self-care for me, might look completely foreign to you. What works for me, might not necessarily work for you and that is ok because different strokes for different folks. However, I do want to point out that self-care is much more than getting your nails done or buying yourself a new pair of trainers.

Self-care is an intentional act that serves the Mind, Body & Soul. So if you are new to the Self-care movement or have never paid much attention to it, let me walk in you through ways you can incorporate it into your life in 2019.


The Mind

The Mind is one of the most valuable assets that human beings have and we often underestimate the amount of power that it holds. A healthy, functioning and sound mind is something we should all strive to have and maintain in 2019.

Self care tips

Positive thoughts: Our mind is like soil in the ground and our thoughts and ideas are the seeds that we plant in it. This is why it is important to ensure you are looking after your mind and watering it with things that are fruitful, nourishing and help you grow as a person. Remember your thoughts become things, good or bad.

Affirmations: Once you declutter the negative noise in your mind, reprogramme and fill yourself up with good thoughts that you can start to declare and affirm out loud.

Self care tips

– Unplug: There is one day out of the week when I don’t use social media. Now, this may seem unbelievable because I know you see me on your feed promoting the blog or throwing my two cents in, but it is true lol. Unplugging from your socials will do your mind a world of good, it will slow you down and give you the chance to do so many other productive things like reading a book, prayer or meditation.

Counselling: Sometimes you need a fresher perspective and a listening ear from someone who is in your corner without any emotional attachments. Counselling gives you the opportunity to clear your mind in a healthy way, be in a space that is safe, non-judgemental and guarantees that your voice will be heard.


The Body

I know you probably have heard this a thousand times before but our body is our temple. It is our responsibility to look after it by doing what we need to do to keep everything in order. When it comes to practising Self-care on your own body, I am sure you already know what you need to be doing. But just in case you need a reminder, here are some Self- care ideas that will help you look after your body.

Self care tips

– A good night sleep: We put our bodies under a lot of strain and stress on a daily basis and to add insult to injury we don’t get enough sleep. Most of us are running on empty which is basically like driving around in a car with the petrol light on red. Do yourself and your body a favour and start getting in some proper sleep. On a Saturday if I don’t have any plans,  I let my body sleep in until whatever o clock.

Make changes: Portion control, meal prep, up your intake of one food group, reduce another. Commit to more physical activity, drink more water and mind your business, lol. Set yourself a few small goals and stick to them.

Most of us are guilty of neglecting our bodies but this year make an effort to get things in order. Book that doctors appointment, go to the dentist, visit the opticians, start taking your vitamins etc. To my Ladies, if you are over 25 book a Smear test.


The Soul

Self-care for the soul is something that is so easily overlooked, that it usually goes over most peoples head. It is impossible to function at full capacity without the nourishment of your soul. Below are two activities that will soothe your soul.

Self care tips

– Forgiveness: Most people struggle with forgiveness whether it be towards others or themselves. But carrying any kind unforgiveness in your spirit will leave your walking around with an unsettled soul. In my last post, I told you to let things go that no longer serve you, but whilst you’re at it don’t forget to forgive others and yourself in the process.

Prayer: Another universal language of the world is prayer and it also serves as food for our soul. There is nothing I love more in this world than prayer, it is one of my special gifts and my day is unable to flow properly without it. Prayer gives you the opportunity to pour yourself out to God. It allows you to connect to the source, recharge and reflect. If you don’t know what to pray for, start by giving thanks for your life. It will leave you feeling very refreshed and empowered.

Self care tips

I hope you have found this piece informative as well as helpful. Remember you can use this as a rough guide to help you create a Self-care routine that works for you. Pace yourself and just take it day by day.

Please do bear in mind that it only takes 21 days to form a habit. So commit yourself to the process, be intentional and prioritise. Self-care is a priority and necessity that is essential in order for you to have a better 2019.

For more tips on Self-Care, check out my board on Pinterest, don’t forget to Pin it.

Stay Blessed

Lots of Love


Self care tips

Just so you know: The final post of this series will be out next week and it is all about ‘SELF PROMO’.

If you are one of those people who struggle to put yourself forward for opportunities or showcase your skills and talents then that post will most definitely be for you.

3 Ways to Practice Self-Love in 2019

3 ways to practice self loveReading Time: 8 Minutes (Work commute or Lunch break read)

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Happy New Year

2019 is now in full swing and I am kicking off my 2019 content with The Self Series’.

January is the month where most people start babbling on about new this and new that. Come February most of that talk and action will be gone right out the window. So I decided to start the year off from a different angle. This three-part blog series will focus on areas oneself can actively work on for a fruitful 2019.

3 Simple Ways to Practice Self Love

S E L F – L O V E

regard for one’s own well-being and happiness.

One of my good girlfriends was going through some relationship issues and in conversation, she turned around and said to me ”Jenna, how do I love myself, I want to be able to love myself like you”. I was taken back because the self – love thing for me was truly a case of trial and error.

I did not just wake up one day and have it all together. At one point in my life, I truly believed that I loved myself. But there were certain situations that occurred in my past which made me see, that I did not love myself as much as I liked to portray. It was those same situations that made me realise I had to get my act together and let me just tell you the journey to SELF- LOVE has been far from easy.

3 Simple Ways to Practice Self Care

I had so many bad habits and unhealthy attachments in my life that were getting in my way. It was a struggle having to unlearn and detach myself from things I had become very much accustomed to. Things like settling, self-sabotage, being unkind to myself, holding on to toxic friendships and emotionally abusive partners. It was my faith and journey to getting baptised at age 25 that really helped me put the whole Self-Love thing into perspective.

I always knew that God Loved me but I didn’t necessarily know how to properly show Love towards myself. You might not follow a particular religion like me, but that does not mean that you are unable to learn, grow and make an effort to practice self-love. I challenge you to make 2019 the year you focus on loving yourself whole heartedly.

3 Simple Ways to Practice Self Love

1. Let it go

Us humans really know how to hold on to things that truly serve us no purpose. I get it, I truly do because I have been there before. I have wasted my valuable time holding on to situations, relationships and bad habits that were better off left behind me. First of all, acknowledge that you can NOT change your past. There are no amount of shoulda, woulda, couldas to change the outcome of what has already taken place.

Whatever happened, happened. Every time you replay those past things over again in your mind, you resurrect it from the dead and give it life. STOP giving those old situations permission to come into your current space and cause all kinds of havoc. Breathe Boo and just simply LET IT GO, whether it be a job, relationship, or missed opportunity, LET IT GO! It is impossible to fully practice Self-love if you are holding on to things that hinder you from moving forward.

3 Simple Ways to Practice Self Love

2. Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries

I only discovered the importance of healthy boundaries when I started going to counselling in 2017. I had no idea what they were and I did not have them actively in place within any of my personal relationships. I quickly came to learn that what you allow from others, is what will continue. We teach people how to treat us and the best way to avoid having any blurred lines is to put some healthy boundaries in place.

Boundaries help to regulate what the extents and limits are between you and others. It is essential to have them in place because they help to protect you and your personal peace. On your journey to practising self-love in 2019, be clear on what your boundaries are, put them in place and don’t compromise.

3 Ways to Practice Self Love3. Spend time with yourself

It might come as a surprise to you the number of people in the world who find it difficult to spend time in their own company. Having time with yourself is a great way to learn more about who you are, your needs, wants and what you like etc. In this day and age, we spend countless hours scrolling through social media where so many things are fighting for our attention. It can be a struggle to find a few minutes for yourself.

For 2019, I urge you to fall in love with your own company. Spend an hour or two away from the socials, read a book, go for a walk, get your creative juices flowing. Even if it is just 10minutes, be alone with your thoughts.

On my birthday last month, after I went to brunch with my Sister circle I took MYSELF to the Savoy Theatre to see Dreamgirls. I received a few side eyes when I revealed to everyone that I was going alone. But I just had the urge to do it and I am so glad I did because I had such an amazing time.

My evening ended with a big smile on my face as I enjoyed a sweet stroll alongside the river, taking in the city lights. Just me, myself and my thoughts. It was refreshing. So please please please this year spend time alone to love on yourself without any distractions.

3 Ways to Practice Self Love

I hope you will find these 3 tips useful as you use them on your Self-Love journey this year.

The second instalment of this three-part series is out now: Be about that Self-Care life in 2019

Lastly, I would like to thank you for the Love and Support you have shown to JWV last year.  I look forward to revealing all the good stuff that I have in store for my readers in 2019.

Stay Blessed

Lots Of Love




For more tips on Self-love, check out my board on Pinterest


Today is December 29th which means it is my 27th Birthday.

WOW, a whole me is 27?

I really don’t know where the time has gone but I thank God my clock has kept ticking. A few years ago, I thought that by the age of 27 I would have started a family. When my mum was my age she was married with 3 kids. Then there is me, the complete opposite with two Godchildren, no husband, a degree, fur coat and this blog, lol.

My life is far from how I imagined it to be. But as I reflect over the last few years, I am truly grateful that certain things in my life did not work out the way that I wanted them too. Sounds cliche, but today at the age of 27 I can proudly proclaim that God knows best and his plan for our lives is far greater than what we could ever imagine.

 What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived” — the things God has prepared for those who love him (1Corinthians 2:9)

 I only pray that as I step into this new chapter of my life that God will continue to guide my steps, cover me in his blood and shower me with his abundant blessings. I call forth fruitful relationships and divine connections. I simply ask God to grant me Peace, Love, Joy & a multitude of happiness.

Thank you to everyone who I have connected with this year, especially through Jenna’s World View.

Chapter 27 be good to me!

Hair @hermainhair

Makeup @yazminelouise


Stay blessed

Lots of Love



My Caribbean Christmas


Christmas is a time of celebration all over the Caribbean. Every Island celebrates the festive season in their own little way. From the parties, grand markets, church services to the special food and drinks prepared specifically for the season of Christmas. It truly is a great time of year which often sees many Caribbean people who live outside of their Islands make every effort to be back home for Christmas.

Sadly, the airfares to the Caribbean are absolutely ridiculous. Most people have no choice but to book up to a year in advance just to make the down payments more manageable. Aviation costs and fuel sub-charges are two of the main reasons why flights prices cost the average person an arm, a leg and a whole lot of sacrifices.

Sadly this is not set to change anytime soon, so us Islanders have no other choice but to get adjusted. For those who don’t get the chance to fly back to the Caribbean for Christmas, we do our best to bring it here to the UK. My family and I have found ways to infuse our Caribbean magic into our Christmas celebrations. I compiled a list below of just some of the things that we do.

The House

Caribbean people are extremely house PROUD. When it comes to the place where we lay our heads we go above and beyond. My nan is this way, so is my mum and you know this has been passed onto me. The cleanliness of the house is a top priority.

In the run-up to Christmas, Aunty Lorna will subject the entire premises to a what I call operation LG. Every room is assessed for renovations and has to be thoroughly cleaned and upgraded accordingly. So far this year I have cleaned cupboards, visited Ikea, hand washed tiles and helped mum with some DIY. Every bedroom in the house must have FRESH bedding on for Christmas day.


The Food

Every year my mum puts on a fantastic spread for my brothers and I. Our Christmas day menu is carefully pieced together and finalised by the 19th of December every year. However, our Christmas dinner would not be the same if some of our favourite Caribbean dishes and drinks were not on the menu. The way we cook in my house is heavily influenced by Jamaican, Guyanese and Trinidadian recipes.

But I have to be honest and let you in on a little secret. There are no curry dishes on our Christmas menu. No Curry goat, no curry nothing. Now I know this might come as a surprise to some of my fellow Caribbean readers. I do hope that no one starts a petition for my Caribbean card to be revoked, lol. Being that we are half Guyanese we eat Curry dishes on a regular basis. So we are not interested in eating it at Christmas, sorry not sorry lol.


My little brother holding our Turkey in 2016 wearing a West Indian Cricket kit lol

  • Ackee and Saltfish

Jamaica’s national dish of Ackee and Saltfish is served every Christmas morning as part of our Breakfast menu. Accompanied by festivals or fried dumplings, bammy, breadfruit and plantains. Last year my mum threw in a grilled Lobster and let’s just say it went down a treat.


My Jamaican Christmas Breakfast 2017

  • Pepper Pot

Traditionally, Pepperpot is served at Chrismas time in Guyana and it is one of our national dishes. We serve PP a part of our breakfast menu. It is a stew dish, served with meats such as beef, pork and mutton. But, because most of my family do not eat pork, it is replaced with Cowfoot.

Pepperpot can be served with rice, roti or fresh bread. My mum is a perfectionist so she ensures that our Guyanese-style bread is homemade. Our breakfast menu is a mixture of both our cultures and I love that every year my mum gives us the option to enjoy both.

Other Breakfast options- Fresh baked bread and ham – (Trinidad & Tobago)

Guyanese Pepperpot

Pepperpot, a traditional Guyanese Christmas dish.

  • Black Cake

I don’t know which Island this cake originated from but I so thankful for whoever created it. Black/Rum cake is a Christmas and wedding favourite that is enjoyed across many of the Caribbean Islands. Dark in colour and rich in taste the magic behind this divine creation is the diced up dried fruits which are soaked in rum and dark wine for up to a year.

If that is not enough once it is baked it must be laced up in more rum to give it that kick. I am so lucky that my mum is able to bake because we eat it around the clock.  At Christmas time, my mum bakes 4 of these babies and we slice them up for our Christmas visitors.


The Drinks

  • Homemade Jamaican Sorrel

Every year without fail my mum makes 5 litres of homemade Sorrel. If I don’t taste any Sorrel during the Christmas season, did I even have a Christmas? lol. Sorrel is one of the most popular drinks during the festive season, especially in Jamaica. It is made from the hibiscus Sabdariffa flowers, which is washed, boiled and strained for up to 6 hours and then sweetened to our preferred taste and of course laced with Rum and more Rum.

  • Guyanese Ginger Beer

This drink is a personal favourite for me because I love the way my Nanny makes it. Guyanese Ginger Beer is light and refreshing much different from the commercial ginger Ones.

It has to be prepared one week before Christmas because it needs to be fermented and combined with all the right ingredients within a timely manner before serving. It can be enjoyes with plenty of ice after a full plate of Christmas dinner. The only thing missing from this combination is the hot Caribbean sun cool breeze.


Other Drink menu options: Rum, Guinness Punch & Carrot juice (Jamaica) – Ponche-a Creme (Trinidad & Tobago)


As I mentioned earlier there is nothing better than spending Christmas in the Caribbean. My Nanny is currently living her best life in Guyana as I type. Every day she messages me with pictures and updates, I love it. Sadly as I am not in the abroad this year so I just have to make the most of it back here in London. What better way to do this than by bringing the vibes of the Caribbean through our Christmas music and entertainment.

  • Christmas Soca Parang

This might comes as a shocker but there is a genre of Soca music called Parang. These songs are especially for the season of Christmas, it originated in Trinidad and Tobago but has spread across the Caribbean. Paranging is the process whereby we go house to house and exchange food and drink with our neighbours from Christmas day until New years. We drink, have a lime, a laugh and be merry.

On Christmas day at home, we set up our sound system and get the Parang pumping from about 8am. We have two Caribbean neighbours who we exchange food and drink with every year. I really love this element of my Christmas and look forward to gifting others with what my family have prepared. Aside from the Soca Parang, we play Reggae music, Gospel and other traditional Christmas songs.

Here are my top 3 Christmas Soca Parang Songs

  1. Sugar Aloes – Black Cake

2. Brindley Benjamin – Santa Looking for a Wife

3. Baron – It’s Christmas 

  • Dominoes

In most Jamaican households you will find a pack of Dominoes. Christmas is never complete without a  few heated games of Dominoes amongst the family. I highly suggest playing this one after exchanging gifts and eating food, because it can get intense and somewhat emotional. I am nothing but a spectator when it comes to the game of Dominoes, this is far from my lane and I tend to stay out of it. I just love the high energy within the atmosphere and the vibes amongst the players and their supporters.


  • Ludi board

Another game that my family love to play at Christmas time is the Ludi board. I dabble in this game from time to time but I am not as good as I used to be back in the day. Just like Dominoes, the Ludi board can be just intense. But you just have to keep your eyes peeled for those sly cheaters because they can be so slippery. Our Ludi board at home is 20 years old and came straight out of  Kingston Jamaica.maxresdefault.jpg

These are just some of the things my family and I do to incorporate our Caribbean roots into our UK Christmas celebrtations. It may be a little different from the way you and your family do things but that is ok because we are all different. I love that even though I live in the UK, my family are still able to feel connected to our culture through food, music, and other family traditions passed down.

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you can relate in any way let me know below.  Also, I would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas whether it will be A Bae-less Christmas or not, please try your best to enjoy it as Christmas only comes around once a year.

(Please note, I do not own the rights to some of these images used within this post)

PS: My Last post will be out on Saturday 29th December 2018 – My 27th Birthday!!

Family Christmas

Merry Christmas from my family to yours.

Stay Blessed

Lots Of Love



A Bae-less Christmas


Christmas has come around again and you’re single.

giphy (4).gif

giphy (5).gif

Don’t worry boo you are not alone because so am I.

giphy (6).gif

In fact, this will be my 3rd Christmas as a single woman and contrary to popular belief it is not as bad as you think. Sure, of course, it would be nice to have a BAE to snuggle up with watching some of my favourite Christmas films or to match my fly during the yearly family Christmas day photo shoot.

Most people dislike being without a partner during this time of year and I get it, I really do. It can be very daunting, depressing and lonely asf. My first Christmas as a single woman was horrible but that was because my break up was still fresh. As time went on I have come to really appreciate my season of singleness. I realised that I can’t come and kill myself over not having a Bae and to be honest neither should you.

I know this is easier said than done, especially during a time like Christmas where it seems like everyone and their dog is boo’d  up. On Christmas day last year I was frying plantains with Aunty Lorna whilst my age mates were getting showered with lavish gifts and being proposed to.

giphy (1).gif


I would be lying if I said that seeing those things never made me question myself or make me wonder when my own time would come. It is so easy to fall into that trap of comparing your season of life with others. Here is a little word of advice: DONT DO IT TO YOURSELF! Being single in general is not a bad thing and being single during the Christmas period is not the end of the world. It is such an amazing time of year, where you could be doing so much more like loving on yourself and those closest to you rather than moping around about being single.

I know you probably have heard that before and might not want to hear it again. But there are some positives to the single life, especially during this time of year. So to paint a better picture for you, I reached out to a few people and asked them to share their experiences, thoughts and feelings about being Single at Christmas, enjoy.

giphy (7).gif

Olliviette, Creative & Lifestyle blogger 

According to Google, I’ve only had a holiday bae 13.89% of my adult life.

I’ve been through it: being solo while the friends are coupled up, the “why you don’t get a man gurl” chat from my aunts, excusing myself from festivities to cry quietly.

At first, all that “big love energy” used to really get me down. Then I accepted reality: I am not flawed if I am single during the holidays.

Instead of focusing on bae-who-isn’t-there, I focus on myself. A recent Christmas involved me renting a gorgeous London flat and living it up in my undies all weekend. There’s nothing wrong with being upset about being single, but don’t waste your life worrying about “bae”. Live hunny.

Create the moments you deserve, love yourself up during the holidays and for them urges…invest in some good hardware. If you know what I mean…

giphy (8).gif

Jess, Foodie & Travel Blogger

“As young adults, Instagram makes us think enjoying the festivities with your other half in matching jumpers will make us the happiest. But not everyone (including me) will experience that this year…and that’s okay. You get to give your family your utmost attention and create more memories with them. You get to spend that bae present money on spoiling your favourite friends and family members.

One day, you’ll have to make the choice between spending Christmas Day with your family or bae’s…years after this, you and bae will be the oldest family members at Christmas. And you’ll be grateful for these extra years you had in your young adult life purely for your family! “

giphy (12).gif

Annabel, Travel Blogger @The Woman in Transit

Being “bae-less” during the festive period shouldn’t bother you in the slightest. For starters, that’s one less person to buy a present for so your pockets will be thankful! On a serious note though, being single is not shameful and as a culture, we need to change the discourse surrounding it. You’re not any less valuable or worthy because there’s no one taking you to Winter Wonderland (take yourself!).

Use this time in your life to get to know who you are. As cliche as it sounds, date yourself. Discover your likes and dislikes, deal with your unresolved issues, build healthy platonic relationships with the opposite sex, find hobbies and ultimately live life to the fullest. When you’re busy with purpose and wholly content, you won’t have time to worry about such trivial things.

giphy (9).gif


Nikia, Super mum of two, Chef & Business owner @Allaboutthefood

Whilst decorating the three we were watching a Christmas movie. the typical Christmas flick usually ends with the couple having a kiss. My Daughter turns to me and says “mummy will that be you this Christmas”. To which I responded with a laugh “with who the invisible man”!

As she continues to decorate the tree she turns and says to me “mummy you’ve had a shot at love before don’t ever doubt you can have another shot again” having a Bae at Christmas has never meant much to me until today. But as my daughter said I shouldn’t doubt that I can have another shot and when the time is right my time will come.

giphy (10).gif

Kelle, Content Writer & Blogger

One of the positives of being single during the Xmas period is that you have all the time in the world to spend quality time with your family and friends. Christmas is all about being merry after all, so use this period in your life to do the things that make you happy. Also, think of something you can do to spread your happiness onto others too!

Rayy Sang, Writer & Editor @IndustryMe 

Being single during the Christmas season forced me to choose myself and I mean really choose myself. It’s so easy to preach about self-love and self-care and all the other common millennial buzzwords. At a time where you are completely swamped by images of love the picture perfect family and literally everything you probably don’t have as a single; You learn to find your happiness in other things. As someone who is naturally giving being single has given me the space to put myself first for once and to truly get to grips with doing so. Once you love yourself first, everything else is secondary!

giphy (13).gif

Ryan C, A Londoner, Rapper & Youtube Creative 

I’m single during the Christmas period and I actually prefer it. Rarely have I ever had a relationship during the holidays but I feel it is less stressful. Having to meet your significant other’s family has always been an issue for me. I can understand why families would be protective over their girls and I don’t blame them. I’ve always felt paranoid around meeting a girl’s family as I can never envisage their reaction to me. I like having to worry about my own family and only what presents to get them. I don’t need the stress of a partner and it always works well for me.

DJ Short-T, Music Lover & Businessman @RumPunchSundays

This will be my second Christmas Without A Bae, and i must say it is a big change as I’ve previously been in a long-term relationship. One of the issues i had, was deciding who I would spend Christmas with, it became more challenging as the years went by, and at times i became anxious as i wouldn’t want to upset any of my immediate or distanced family members(even though some did throw shade at me). But now being single has allowed me to save money Lol (A LOT!!) and also allows me to focus more on spending time with my family and more importantly myself.

Soul Vs Universe, A King & member of the TC Family

Being Single isn’t always easy because we tend to feel lonely at times but if we change our perception of the situation we can see that we are not alone, we have ourselves to take care of. Our lives are just beginning in a crazy world so it’s important to love yourself first and be comfortable alone because when you leave this earth you can’t take anything with you except the memories and your own soul. Enjoy your own company. 

giphy (11).gif

Vanessa, The Bermudian abroad 

9:05 PM: “Well at least I’ll save money – that’s one less present to buy”

9:07 PM: *scrolls through pictures from our 6 previous Christmases* “Hehe, I remember this one, I made the Lamb wayyy too salty

9:10 PM: “How did we get here?”

I spent Christmas in London with my Mummy. She came from Bermuda bearing gifts – Gosling’s Rum, Barritts Ginger Beer and Cassava pie (google it). We bought the smallest tree, listened to the 8 Days of Christmas, watched ‘The Preacher’s Wife’ and discovered the M&S wine and cheese paring box(es). On Boxing Day, I flee to Washington DC. i met my best friends – we brunched, visited the Smithsonian, twerked in the hotel room and laughed at how small the White House is. I stared at the stars on the flight home.

I felt whole – with or without a Bae, I was surrounded by love.

giphy (14).gif

Sherese Nicole, Health, Wellness & Lifestyle blogger

Christmas time and the holiday season is yet again upon us and I’m yet again single – but I’m not complaining. In fact, I’m quite used to it and almost prefer to be single. I get to be completely selfish, do what I want when I want and learn more about myself. In all my time being single, I’ve found that I’ve grown more than ever and I almost feel bad for those in a relationship sometimes, because you don’t get to be as selfish when you’re with a partner.

So this holiday season, I plan to be around friends and family with a lot of good vibes and most importantly take time out to be with myself. I mean working on me – spiritually, emotionally and physically. Whenever I start to feel a way about being single at a season when it seems everyone and their mom is booed up, I find rejoice in trusting that my bae is right around the corner and he’ll come by at the right time.

What is TRULY for me will not pass me by!

giphy (15).gif

Musu B, A creator, Author & Speaker 

Make this Bae-less Christmas Work for You

Let’s face it – we’ve all been there. The endless searching and streaming on Netflix, hours on the couch, no bath and lots of food. It’s the only way you feel you’ll get by, constantly pushing out thoughts of the break-up that happened at the worst time ever. Being bae-less during the holiday season does a lot to a person. You’re questioning your worth and can’t stop scrolling through timelines filled with engagements, travel scenes and whatever else irks your soul.

The truth is, you can turn the tables in your favour during this period of darkness and despair. It’s also good to know that much of social media is a front, and what you’re seeing is staged anyway. So use this time to make it about you and you’ll find yourself bouncing back faster than a Cardi B Instagram crisis. Here are some quick tips to get you through:

  1. Start a journal and watch your life take a fresh turn
  2. Throw your own holiday party to celebrate YOU
  3. Take a trip – near or far – and get a change of scenery

I know there is a lot of pressure around but trust me when I say you got this!

giphy (16).gif

Food for thought: You may not know this but it has been reported that a whopping 4million people in the UK spend Christmas alone. A survey carried out by the BBC in 2014 found that those aged 65 and above will spend Christmas by themselves. In addition to this, research findings from the mental health charity MIND found that Millennials are twice as likely as the elderly to be spend Christmas alone. No family, no Friends and no Bae. This might be a tough one to get your head around but this is a reality for a lot of people. Can you imagine? that in this day and age loneliness at Christmas is real.

Being single is one thing, but being lonely without family or friends during a season that is all about love and togetherness like Christmas is another. I would not wish that on my worse enemy. I am pretty confident that the majority of my readers who are Bae-less this Christmas most likely won’t be spending it alone.

I don’t know about you but that is something to be extremely grateful for. Now, I might not have a Bae but what I do have is a family to celebrate with and love on. I will most definitely wake up to a ton of merry Christmas messages from my friends. I may not have kids of my own just yet but I do have Godchildren that I can spoil with Christmas presents. I sat back and thought about all of this and I realised there are so many people in the world who don’t have half of what I just described this Christmas.

So I say that to say this, focusing on what you do not have will rob you of what you do have. It might be upsetting not having a relationship but I have been alive long enough to know that nothing in life ever happens before its time. Take a moment to reflect on who you do have in your life right now and be grateful for those people.

At the right time, the right person will come into your life but until then, make the most of who you have in your life right now. Also if you know someone who will be spending Christmas alone this year, invite them over, send a card, drop them a text or give them a call.

One last thing, scrap the idea that having a Bae is everything, because it really is not. Being in a healthy and happy relationship is as a bonus on top of all our other blessings. Anything below that is trash and don’t ever forget it.

Stay Blessed

Lots of Love



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  • Top 10 Christmas films

    YAY, December has finally arrived and that can only mean one thing, Christmas is around the corner. One of the things that I love about the Christmas season is the Christmas films. Ever since I was a little girl, my mum would buy me the Christmas special TV guide just so that I could keep track of the films showing on TV. It is a part of my Christmas tradition that will probably never be broken.

    Some people find Christmas films a bit cliché or cheesy. But there is nothing that I love more than curling up on the sofa, with a blanket and some snacks binge-watching a festive flick. To kick off the month of December I compiled a list of my top 10 Christmas films that I think you should watch during the Xmas season.

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    Home Alone (1990)
    It is impossible to talk about Christmas films without mentioning the Home Alone Franchise. I mean it doesn’t even make sense in my opinion. Child star McCauley Culkin plays Kevin McCallister, who was mistakenly left behind at home when his family jetted off to Paris. Alone for Christmas, Kevin is living his best life until two local burglars attempted to put his house on their hit list. I can never get tired of this film it is a family favourite and it will definitely get you in the mood for the holidays.


    Mixed Nuts (1994)
    Steven Martin stars in this Christmas comedy as Phillip who runs a crisis hotline with Catherine and Mrs Munchnik. The hotline is under crisis when Philipp is served with an eviction notice on Christmas Eve, he is in desperate need of money and a miracle. So many unexpected twists and turns take place as many paths cross the night before Christmas.


    Miracle on 34th Street (1994)
    Can the real Santa please stand up? Six-year-old Mara Wilson (Matilda, Mrs Doubtfire) plays Susan who is determined to out the real Santa after coming across who she thinks is the real deal in the local department store. This film is a remake and I must say it is better than the original for me. It is family friendly and it has all of that Christmas good stuff to kick-start the holidays.


    The Preachers Wife (1996)
    This loving, sentimental, family-friendly Christmas flick is a remake of the 1947 film ‘The Bishops Wife’. The cast includes music royalty Whitney Houston, actor- extraordinaire

    Mr Denzel fine like chocolate Washington and the legend that is Courtney B Vance. A family church run by Henry Briggs ( CB Vance) is on the brink of decline and so is his family life. Devoted Wife Julia is being neglected and their child in the process.

    When all of a sudden their prayers are answered in the form of an angel sent to New York named Dudley (Denzel). This film will definitely put you in the Christmas spirit. It is an oldie but goodie with an amazing soundtrack if I do say so myself.


    Jingle all the way (1996)
    My big brother and I loved this film when we were growing up. If I did not watch Jingle all the way at some point during the festive season something definitely had to be wrong. The film is pretty simple, two fathers Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sinab are running all over Minneapolis on Christmas Eve trying to buy a sold-out toy ‘Turbo Man’ for their sons. Everything that could go wrong does and the two try everything in their power to get the toy under the tree before Christmas day. This is another light-hearted Christmas classic full of laughs.


    Elf (2003)

    Will Ferrel brings the character Buddy to life in this festive feel-good flick. Buddy has lived in the north pole his whole life and worked as one of Santa Claus elf’s but he is human. So one day he sets off to New York to find his biological father and finds himself on one heck of a journey. It is impossible not to love this film and I look forward to watching it again this year. For my readers in the UK, we are in luck because Elf will be showing on ITV on Sunday 16th December 2018 at 6pm. Get your snacks ready boo 🙂


    Love Actually (2003)

    It is impossible not to love a romantic Christmas film. Love Actually gives us just that and more, as it follows the lives of 8 couples in London during the run-up to Christmas. I love how this film brings different couples stories together. I truly hope to see this film one on the TV Christmas guide this year, there is nothing like a good romantic Christmas Love story.p32829_v_v8_ae.jpg

    Last Holiday (2006)

    Queen Latifah takes on the role of a patient who finds out she is terminally ill. Since this will be her last Christmas alive she decides to do it big and blow all her savings. Only for her to later find out that her test results were wrong. – This film is available on UK Netflix and it starts LL Cool J as the main love interest. This is a good film to watch especially for the hopeless romantics and singles lol.

    p159558_v_v8_ad.jpgThis Christmas (2007)
    A black African American family coming together for the first time in 7 years to celebrate Christmas is just a recipe for disaster. Old wounds, rivalry’s, broken bonds and lots of secrets upstage what is supposed to be a time of love, celebration, reflection and unity. Despite all of the obstacles, the family somehow manage to come together stronger than ever. The cast is jam-packed with some of the most beloved Black actors, actresses and entertainers.


    The Best Man Holiday (2013)

    I LOVE this film like I really really love this film. The Best Man Holiday is the sequel to The Best Man. The film is set around college friends who reunite to spend Christmas with each for the first time 15 years. I highly suggest that you watch the first film just so you have a better understanding. When you finally watch The Best Man Holiday, have those tissues ready because this one is a tear jerker. If you live in the UK and have Netflix, you can catch this one on there too.


    So there you have it, these are my top 10 Christmas films. All of which will definitely get you into the spirit of Christmas. It is never too early to start watching Christmas films so don’t let anyone put you off.

    Every week this month, I plan to watch a Christmas film, you should join in on the fun too. Line up some of your favourite Christmas films, get yourself some snacks and enjoy.

    Let me know how it goes by hitting me up on Twitter @JennasWorldView.

    Stay Blessed

    Lots of Love



    Happy New Month Peeps


    My Grandad passed away when I was 8 this was my first real encounter with death. I did not react to the news immediately though.  It was a couple of weeks later on the day of his funeral when everything finally hit me. The moment I saw his casket pulling up the hearse to my estate I completely lost the plot. I was young and I didn’t really understand it all, but since then I have encountered 5 more close deaths 3 out of that 5, unfortunately, were murders.

    Each encounter was negative and somewhat traumatic and I have not had anything positive to say where death was concerned. I just did not understand why people you love had to die. It is one of the most painful things in life to experience and I just didn’t think it was fair, but I have come to know that most things in life are not fair. As time has gone on my mindset towards death has somewhat changed and I have reached the following conclusions.

    The only thing that is promised to us in this life-time is death.

    It is written.

    One can not cheat it nor can one escape

    because truth be told when it is your time, it is your time.

    It is kind of scary when you think about it because neither you or I know when it will be our time to leave to go. It does blow my mind that we can have so many dreams for our lives but the only thing that is guaranteed to all of us is death. This is a universal truth that not even I am ready for because it is one heaven pill to swallow,.

    Dying is a part of the circle of life because with every end comes a new beautiful beginning. Although it hurts like hell there is always something beautiful to be found on the other side of it. Transitioning is apart of life and atsome point in life we all have to go through it. At one point in time, I used to think that death was a mistake like maybe God got it wrong. But I have been alive long enough to know that God makes no mistakes. There is a time to be born and there is a time to die and even in death, there is something for everyone to learn.

    The sudden death of supermodel Kim Porter really got me thinking. If you are not a fan of hip-hop music you probably won’t be too familiar with that is. Kim Porter was a former supermodel, hip-hop royalty, a Mother of 4, 3 of which she shared with music mogul Sean ‘P Diddy’ Combs. The news shocked me to my core, I am a fan of both and I have kept up with them and their kids on the socials for years. I felt so sad by the news my heart actually sank. The last celebrity death that shocked me in this way was Whitney Houston’s. If you follow me on Twitter you probably have seen me professing my love her for on a regular basis.

    For me, there was something different about the news of Kim Porters passing that really it made me stop and really reflect. I think I probably read every tribute for her on Instagram from her family and friends and the way they have spoken about her truly humbled me. I know when people die, everybody has something amazing to say about them. Reading those tributes it was clear to me that Kim had a profound impact on the lives that she touched. All of the tributes were so touching and some even brought me to tears.

    I was so moved to the point where it made me start to question myself and i had to ask myself whether I am living abundantly?. Am I walking in love and light? Am I living gracefully? Am I compassionate enough? Am I being Kind? Am I forgiving wholeheartedly? Am I being selfless? Am I holding on to my past? Am I walking in my God-given purpose? I am a very reflective person in general but this line of questioning really opened me up to myself.

    “The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living”

    Marcus Tullius Cicero

    It was so weird way because I felt like God gave me an unusual wake-up call. It left me no other choice but to really evaluate myself from the inside out. I realised that what I do with my life whilst I am still alive and how I made people feel is what matters the most, above everything else. It is funny how death can just put things into perspective.  It was an awakening that I didn’t even know that I needed and I am glad it shifted my perspective on life and the way I will live it going forward. I know you are probably thinking Jenna this is some heavy stuff and yes it is. But I just wanted to share this because it really got me thinking about my own life. As crazy as this sounds there are so many valuable life lessons that can be learned through death.

    I would love to know your thoughts, let’s discuss in the comments below or hit me up on Twitter or Instagram @Jennasworldview

    This post was a lot, so of course, you know that I have to end it with a prayer, scroll down to read below.


    Prayer: Dear God, thank you for blessing us with the greatest blessing above all which is the gift of life. In saying that Lord, I know that were not created to live forever, but we were created to live a fulfilling and abundant life that showcases all of your glory. I give you thanks and praise for the divine assignment over the life of myself and my readers. God, I kindly ask of you that none of us will leave this earth before our time. May the purpose of our true existence be manifested in its full form. Keep us all away from all harm and evil, but help us to walk in love, peace and real happiness.

    Stay blessed

    Lots of love